What can you expect from us?

About 2-4 hours before the guests arrive; we are at the event location setting all the equipment up, running sound checks and organizing the novelties.  We change into our suits/tuxedos, and are ready to get the party started before the first guest arrives.  We coordinated with the catering staff, and your other vendors to ensure a smooth event.  As soon as the young adults come into the reception room, we start with some fun interactive icebreakers - getting the young adults loosened up and into the party right from the start. Prizes are given away as added incentives and fun props are handed out to get the guests into the party right away.  We can provide all the prizes and novelties.  After an energetic introduction of the immediate family it could be a great time to bring EVERYBODY out to the dance floor for the HORA!  We are right out there in the middle, coordinating raising the guest of honor and other family members in the chair as everyone claps along.  While everyone is up, we seamlessly transition right into the first dance set that gets all of the young adults and adults up together having a great time!  A great start to the party, with everyone involved from the very onset!  

Once the food is ready to be served, we can help to coordinate the blessings and many times, families wish to have Candle-Lighting ceremony.  We can help to ensure that this goes smoothly.  We provide a wireless microphone for the guest of honor to introduce the people.  Prior to the event we will put together a flash drive of all the music selections used for this ceremony and have them edited to the heart of the song.  

Another option is showing a photomontage highlighting the guest of honor’s life.  The Bar Mitzvah Boys can provide this service for you.  We take your photographs and mix them to the music of your choice. We will work with you to create an energetic or sentimental tribute to your child’s life that will ultimately become a family heirloom.  

Once the young adults are finished with their meal (usually in about 2 1/2 minutes!), we get them involved in some more games and dancing.  No awkward lulls at any time... the energy level stays high and the party atmosphere is non-stop.  The young adults are never bored!   We introduce a variety of fun, highly interactive activities to ensure that all the kids are involved, participating, and having a great time.  We do not just sit back and press buttons on the CD player and hope for the best... We are right out there creating the energy, leading dances, facilitating games, all with an infectious enthusiasm that encourages everyone to get up and involved.  But the adults are not just spectators... we make sure ALL the guests are involved.  A variety of music for everyone is played, making sure that everyone enjoys the reception, all the while highlighting the "guest of honor" and ensuring that he/she is in the spotlight and treated to a fantastic party!  The guest of honor will get a chance to pick out not only the music but also all the various games and dances. The whole atmosphere is ultimately catered to the family's wishes!

Bar Mitzvah Boys Dave with Lyssa Wexler