What's a party without some BLING? The Bar Mitzvah Boys strive to maintain the latest and greatest technology. We push the bar higher so that our Rockstar Clients receive the type of mitzvah they deserve, one that will be remembered long after the last song of the night.

There isn’t much we can't do, seriously. We have so many different levels of offerings to perfectly align with your venue, vision or vibe for your upcoming celebration.  The Bar Mitzvah Boys own and maintain our own lighting equipment & production gear. We have dedicated staff to assist in making sure that whatever you are looking to do, is done right. So if you can envision it, we will work with you to make your ideas come to life.


The LED Displays are used to enhance and add that “WOW” factor to any celebration. We utilize a broad range of ambient designs on our screen throughout the course of a reception. From the Bride & Groom's names to high energy dance patterns to a video montage of photos set to music. The displays are always a huge hit and sure to enhance your celebration.

Video Wall: The Video Wall Package is a spectacular application of multimedia technology. Includes: personalized computer graphics, amazing ambient video and 65 picture photo montage.  The photo montage is great! We work with you to develop a deeply sentimental or high energy, uplifting video highlighting the guest-of-honor’s family, friends and life.  We take your still photographs and or video and mix them to the song of your choice.  The photo montage is played on the Video Wall larger than life for all to see.  After your event the DVD is a family heirloom and yours to keep. 

Add a photo booth and the digital pictures of the fun can be instantly projected on the big screen. Your guests will be amazed to see themselves displayed throughout the entire evening.

Party Dancers:
Add the ultimate in excitement and energy to your event.  Our dancers bring your party to life, teaching new dance moves, playing games and leading the group dances.  They motivate and interact with your guests while encouraging them to dance the night away. 


Always on the cutting edge, Bar Mitzvah Boys offer LED Dance Floor Rentals to make your Bar/Bat Mitzvah event truly unique.

LED Dance Floors are the best way to transform your event into an unforgettable night. Each floor panel has over 800 LED lights in it, a sure way to light up the life of the party. If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind event for your guests, then this is it. No one can resist the dance floor and they will always remember your event as the one where they couldn't stop dancing!

ShurOutside (1 of 1).JPG


Add that extra personalized touch with a custom monogram to be displayed on a wall, dance floor, or even the ballroom ceiling. You can have your names, initials, mitzvah date, or a custom logo. We can even incorporate the design to match your photo booth template.


Bar Mitzvah Boys are now offering White Leather Lounge Furniture for your BIG event! Bring your event up another level and create a draped off VIP area, or put some Lounge Decor around the dance floor area to give your guests a place to relax closer to the action. You decide... We also offer high top tables & chairs as well.

CO2 Cannons

Bar Mitzvah Boys CO2 Cannons. Wanna take your event to the next level? This is it! Get a cool blast of air while creating energy and excitement at the same time.


Pipe & Drape is so versatile and can really transforms any space. It can be used to create amazing table backdrops, vip areas, cover unsightly walls, divide rooms and more. We use high quality white draping to create an amazing ambience and feel for your event. Imagine that you have a very large room, but a small event. With pipe and drape, there's no need to have 100 people sitting in a huge space normally used for groups of 300. Strategically placed pipe & drape can transform that large room into a more intimate and beautiful area. Add up lighting for a more dramatic effect.


Bar Mitzvah Boys offer Crystal Columns to be hung at your event. They can be hung on the 4 corners of the dance floor, on either end of the head table, out in the foyer area or anywhere that needs a little bling.

Up Lighting

Add elegant and eye pleasing lighting to your special event. Lighting is a great way to make your event really stand out and turn an ordinary room into extraordinary room. We use High powered LED lights, strategically placing them around the room illuminating the walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area that will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event, making it AMAZING! You can choose any color you want; we can match the color of your napkins, linens, or even you invitation. 

Lighting is one of the most cost - effective ways of making your event exceptional.

Grand Entrance

Let's talk about the entryway for a minute. From the up-lighting, to the draping, to the red velvet ropes, stanchions, step & repeat, and carpet runner, to your logo/monogram on the wall. The Bar Mitzvah Boys can take care of it all. (Inside and outside of your event space)

LED Dance Platforms / Stages

Elevate your event with LED Dance Platforms / Staging. The Bar Mitzvah Boys are always trying to "Step Up" our game with the latest trends. Dance Platforms are 3' x 4' wide, they come in 2 different height options 12" or 18". They can be arranged multiple ways to work with any application. Being that they are LED, we can make them glow any color you want as well, They are so versatile.

LED Dance Platforms / Stages